Sunday, February 26, 2012


Love Backed By Force

What's Your Rupture [2012]

I probably should have known about this record before this thirty-something anniversary reissue was recently added to my collection on a complete throw of the dice by my girlfriend, but yet again I've managed to exist in a parallel for over three decades alongside but never encountering something wonderful. It's everything you want in a nearly lost cult favorite, from blandly nostalgic images to nonsensical, meandering lyrics, Love Backed By Force is something of a lo-fi schizo journey and I'm loving every second of it. Originally debuted in 1981 on Alien records, this album spans everything from experimental basement taping to dingy poor production post-punk (alliteration intentional). Love Backed by Force has its melodic moments as well, but its collective sound collage leaves me feeling more or less like an ambitious observer of yet another pocket of social anomaly.

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