Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ancient Sky


Loud Baby [2012]

You'll sink into your armchair just seconds into this wide-open audial journey by Brooklyn's Ancient Sky. It all begins with "Towards the Light" a lengthy, spacey intro track reminiscent of a high quality Spiritualized demo you somehow never heard. Next, rumbling drums, ethereal vocals, and swirling guitars will ground you momentarily during "Wooden Ear" before releasing you back into the gaping abyss of what seems like infinite sound. You'll lose track of where you are during "All Colors at Once" and stay suspended until landing at the next track, "Ray Bradbury" where your attention span starts to focus in on the lyrics and southern psych rock sounds found within. The end of the album closes up well with "The Wind", leaving you feeling like your astral projection over the Nazca Lines of Peru is gently fading. It is now that you can return to that undisclosed location near the Mexican border to eat more peyote and wait for the next round of direction provided by the night stars.

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