Monday, February 6, 2012

Anthem Facility


Explosion Robinson Music [2012]

The front cover of this record told me that there was a good chance that Trace by Anthem Facility was a new indie rock record, but it wasn't until I saw the back cover that I knew that there had to be something a little more electronic going on with Anthem Facility (fonts, track listing, etc). Well, I was right. Turns out this is a project by a NYC duo, Stephen Hermann (producer) and Melati Malay (vocals). It's impressively large sounding with an occasional track which could be described as OK Computer meets Boards of Canada. There's also a sense of pop at times that reminds me of Stereolab or even The Go! Team, and the production on the record is certainly something to brag about. Trace is a solid record, not exactly my bag at this time but it's definitely worth mentioning.

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