Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kenneth Higney

Attic Demonstration

Kebrutney [1976] /One Kind Favor [2012]

OKF 001

Although the actual location of where Attic Demonstration was recorded remains a mystery, this debut album by loner Kenneth Higney looks and sounds exactly as it's titled. Higney comes off as an average guy with an above average musical talent. The music is disjointed yet honest, laden with off-time vocal tempos and irrelevant guitar melodies. The track "No Heavy Trucking" explores the daily challenges of a probable truck driving occupation for Higney while "Can't Love That Woman" touches on a more personal side of Higney's disinterest in superficial woman. The album is discordant start to finish, but once you really dig in and realize that you are experiencing a pure form of "human" music, the successful harmonies and tones begin to take the forefront.

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