Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zola Jesus

In Your Nature 7"

Sacred Bones [2012]

Zola Jesus continues to rule her own brand of washy, dreamy indie with a new and impressive move, one after another. If she isn't teaming up with a classic cult music hero of mine she's popping up in a professional photo shoot, sporting some tasteful and dramatic pose. "In Your Nature" happens to be a single off of her 2011 LP, Conatus, and what originally appeared as the seventh song on the eleven track album can be purchased after the fact as a true "single". The song took three listens for me to catch on, but now the memory of it seems to whisper to me, begging for another listen. The b-side is the same song, remixed by the legendary David Lynch. Although I didn't hear much of a difference between the two songs, I'm sure Mr. Lynch sneaked something in there that I will realize at a later date, thus increasing future playback value of the entire 45.

-Jeff Ogiba

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