Thursday, March 1, 2012

Italian Horn

The Bells of Spring

Dais Records [2012]

If you've lived on the east coast for the past decade and a half and you get into hardcore music, you've more than likely heard the name Anthony Pappalardo. Pappalardo is an inspirational renaissance man of sorts, from writing to performing and producing various genres of music, his arsenal of tricks goes on and on and his creative energy never seems to slow. His latest project is called "Italian Horn" and it comes packaged in the form of a six song 12" EP titled The Bells of Spring. The cover art makes a solid first impression - a collage by none other than GBV's Robert Pollard. Then, there's the actual tracks: half a dozen lo-fi, addictive, swirling, and dreamlike mini-adventures. Imagine getting in late from a bad dinner with food poisoning just setting in. You fumble to put on your favorite nineties indie record but knock one speaker over and twist a bunch of knobs on your receiver. Now visualize what that band would sound like while fading away confused, with your back to the floor and your eyes watching the ceiling fan as it pulls you inward.

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