Saturday, March 17, 2012

Troubled Sleep

Poltergeist 7" EP

Ripe [2012]

It's always refreshing to discover a contemporary indie group that obviously cares more about their music and having fun than pretentious overtones associated with most current releases - especially here in Brooklyn, NY. Troubled Sleep nail four soothing female fronted indie jams on their debut 45, Poltergeist. The songs could have been written by some of my favorite bands who were released in the late 90's on then game-changing labels like Polyvinyl or Big Wheel Recreation. Troubled Sleep come off as melodic and honest, and although my first impression was that their sound may be a decade and half too late, I'm now realizing that they might just be doing one of the great things that happens naturally in the evolution of sound: Perfecting the past.

-Jeff Ogiba

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