Friday, March 16, 2012


Treehouse EP

Small Plates Records [2012]

Sporting an autumnal color palette and symmetrical nature scene on its sleeve, and boasting to be the work of a "bored Philly dog walker", I had a fairly strong sense of what to expect from Gracie's Treehouse EP. However, after giving this honey-hued 12" a couple spins, I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn't some bizarro-for-the-sake-of-being-bizarro folk recording, or another aimlessly ambient noise project. What it turned out to be was a solid little collection residing somewhere between Gang Gang Dance at their mellowest and something a witch might listen to on vacation. The five tracks on Treehouse swirl in a vortex of drum loops, twinkling pianos and synths, and vocals barely (yet confidently) overcoming a stage-frightened whisper. "Candii" and "Tryck r Treat" are standouts, but more importantly, as a whole this record succeeds as a cohesive, fluid, and earnestly sweet release that could connect with anyone - be they rabid vinyl junkies, people who haven't bought a record since The Postal Service, or that goth cousin you only see at Christmas. Anyone with a penchant for quiet avant-pop will be happy to discover Treehouse, and although it may not get the party started by doing ironic keg stands, it will be waiting near the back of the stack… ready to perfectly close out the night.

- Brian Muirhead

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