Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dirty Three

Toward The Low Sun

Drag City [2012]

While Dirty two thirds Warren Ellis and Jim White have been so busy with side projects that they haven't been able to produce a new album until now, seven years since their last, (Ellis, working with Nick Cave projects both group and film related, and White working with legends Bill Callahan and Will Oldham), Toward The Low Sun adds another notch to the group's release belt. Where has Mick Turner been? Painting... mostly in silence (or so it's rumored). Toward the Low Sun comes off as a record created by people with a lot of other things on their plate. It's meandering and unfocused, free jazzy, soft, and relaxing but pointless. There are occasional bursts of rocked out energy, but the album sounds more like a midnight jam session in the studio with an end product most suitable for background music while lethargically splattering enamel on your wannabe Jackson Pollock work in progress.

-Jeff Ogiba

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