Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sonic Avenues

Television Youth

Dirtnap Records [2012]

Oh lord, here comes another generic mid-tempo melodic contemporary indie punk band, right? Wrong. This record fucking rules! This is the second LP by Canadians Sonic Avenues and it sounds more or less like Jay Reatard and The Marked Men covering '78 UK punk. It has the "We sing, play, and record through an oscillating fan" sound that everyone loves (I, included) and it essentially all comes off as a radical, fun time. It's the type of music that evokes an image of bright stripped shirt wearing mods bopping around in an all white room flashing sets of knobby teeth and bowl cut hair. Flash forward to current-day reality and Sonic Avenues are just another great group with another great record who seem to channel their amicable musical influences via solid, interesting songs.

-Jeff Ogiba

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