Thursday, March 15, 2012


Inward Eye

Lost Treasures of the Underworld [2012]

I had no idea what I was getting into when I threw this one down on the turntable. Before committing to listening, I became so intrigued with the appearance of this record that I tried for a few days to figure out exactly what in the hell it was that I was going to be listening to. The cover art looked like something that The Cure would have released in the early 90's as a limited run of a 12" single off of the album, Wish - but it wasn't that. I don't know if I was straining my eyes to read the spiraling handwritten, hand-screened information on the back or what, by my brain just could not process anything. I was giving up - I had no idea who the group was, what label the record was released on, or any other pertinent information I felt that I required in order to warm up and fully check this record out. When I finally put the album on, it was almost like my brain back-engineered the entire knowledge required for a complete understanding of the product. The album was spacious, almost quiet and peaceful at moments. Strange noises jumped across my speakers while a dull humming and a subtle whistle echoed in my living room. My mind could finally relax. It felt like someone had given me a wonderful gift and wrapped it with way too much paper and tape. Once I was able to break through the mysterious shroud, things really began to pick up and the preliminary all-inclusive stressors that Inward Eye brought my way were officially forgiven.

-Jeff Ogiba

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