Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paul McCartney

Kisses on the Bottom

Universal Music [2012]

Kisses on the Bottom? Horrible album, horrible title (Kisses on whose bottom, Paul?) and all around bore fest. Even though Paul is only my THIRD favorite Beatles member, he's one of two living members of one of my all time favorite bands so there definitely exists a bias when considering anything he's done - but even that will not help him here. I love his debut LP, love McCartney II, Ram, and various recordings and singles spattered about the late 70's, into the 80's, (and even some 90's stuff), but I just can't even listen to this newest album. It's loungy (think Tony Bennett singing into your eyes while a player piano echos in an empty hospital lobby) and it reminds me of something that should have been on the Cocoon soundtrack, or featured in a senior citizen cruise ship package. I understand that people's musical tastes change with age, but the same way 78s are long out of style and swing music and its audience are long dead (well if you can mentally delete that 90's swing revival embarrassment) this music is irrelevant and bland. Save your thirty bucks for the next Beatles anthology and pretend this never happened.

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