Friday, February 10, 2012

The Jealous Sound

A Gentle Reminder

Music is Subjective/Fontana Distro [2012]

Finally, The Jealous Sound make another album and it's pretty decent. From cozy vocals to a hint of melodic 90's guitar and drums, A Gentle Reminder gives fans of Knapsack and TJS a new chapter to add to their book of listenables. The songs hint at a slightly more current and relevant sound than most recent prior effort, 2003's Kill Them With Kindness. It could be that it's been nine years and things have naturally changed, but A Gentle Reminder seems to target fans of Brit pop and it even made me wonder in they are now a group who may listen to some Gaslight Anthem (definitely some very influenced guitar work). Since I approve highly of all these things, A Gentle Reminder automatically gets a satisfactory review. If I could change one major flaw in the record it would be to make some of the songs more memorable as none of the tracks really stood out to me as single-worthy.

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