Saturday, February 11, 2012

O.C. Tolbert

You Got me Turned Around

Timmion [2011]

If you had a chance to hear Detroit's Little Ann sing on Deep Shadows, and you enjoyed it as much as I did then I would highly recommend this lost northern soul treasure. It's a Dave Hamilton production, and if that means anything to you then you already have an idea of what this record sounds like. Only two of the tracks featured were previously released on vinyl, and since copies of those 45s are next to impossible to locate, you might as well grab this collection up. O.C. Tolbert comes off as a real party pleaser, from funky 70's soul grooves to bluesy breakdowns and wild vocals, You've Got Me Turned Around will have you bopping through all ten tracks. Here's another example of the quality music Timmion keeps bringing back into the world.

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