Tuesday, March 27, 2012

V/A 7"

The World's Lousy With Ideas Volume 9

Almost Ready Records [2012]

Here's yet another fantastic volume from ARR's rapidly growing catalog. The World's Lousy with Ideas Vol. 9 is far from lousy as a compilation; the record features three exciting bands who each provide one strong, definitive track. Cheater Slicks, the noisy garage rockers who turned 25 as band this year own the A side with the slow burner "Silver Fox". Side B features "Men Don't Cry", a sassy, punchy, feel good rock song by UK glam boys, Thee Spivs, and "Singing in the Shower", a dirty indie rock track by 80's indie pop legend Ron House's group, Psandwich. TWLWI vol. 9, comes off as more of a triple A-side than anything else and it's sure to please fans of any or all groups or genres mentioned here within.

-Jeff Ogiba

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