Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bonnie Prince Billy

the b-sides for time TO BE CLEAR

Drag City/ Palace [2012]

The music contained therein is rather self explanatory: the b-sides for TIME TO BE CLEAR. "Time to be Clear", the single off of BPB's 2011 LP ,Wolfroy Goes To Town became available as a downloadable bonus song on the Drag City website the same day (2/28/12) of this double b-side single's release. The 7" includes two non-LP tracks "Whipped" and Out of Mind". The label claims that all three songs would not fit, hence the 45 RPM play speed and the clearly packed grooves that run from edge to center on both sides. Money saver? Marketing ploy (get that song out there to the people who are too cheap to buy the full album, but can afford the single)? You decide. I've flipped this record several times now, enjoying each track (and sort of privately hoping that another song would appear out of thin air, not upset just accepting that I may HAVE to actually buy the album now). If you dug Wolfroy…, you will enjoy relaxin to and reflecting on these two spillovers. The King (Elvis Presley) had the first double A-side with "Don't Be Cruel" b/w "Nothing But a Hound Dog" and now Bonnie "Prince" gives you his Double B-side. That's all I will say.

-Jeff Ogiba

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