Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Blimp

Not Beer 12" EP

Violet Times Records [2012]

The Blimp are a few dudes and a chick from Eugene, Oregon who supposedly named themselves after the Captain Beefheart track of the same title. Visually, the album comes across as one of those lost oddball SST or Homestead Lps from the mid 80's that you could easily scoop up for under five bucks in any store that carried punk and alternative vinyl. The four tracks on this one-sided 12" clank and slam like bumbling dadaists warding off imminent mental breakdowns. The record features songs about boobs and beer and dead things, and The Blimp frantically try to stay focused enough to endure the tumultuous and brazen song path they lead each listener down. Not Beer comes off as a whirlwind of modern drunk/art/outdoor punk suitable for any perma-haze college-failed longhair.

-Jeff Ogiba

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