Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Sirens" b/w "Cave of Forgotten Dreams"
Not on Label [2012]

This debut two-songer by New York City's Plant will come at you fiercely, without warning, and without apology . This self-released single features cover art by Brooklyn's own tattoo go-to, Eli Quinters of Smith Street Tattoo fame -- giving a quality seal of approval before the actual record even whispers a single sound to your ears. Then there's the actual music: hard rock, proto-metal influenced shredding and thunderous smashing that rivals strong in-your-face vocals. Imagine taking all of your favorite aspects of good 80's metal, including a taste of 90's hardcore, and fronting the group with a powerful, flown off the handle badass. Metaphorically the songs scream "anger" and "frustration" but what I hear is good times, cold beer, and tailgate party while this group of excited newcomers anxiously but boldly await their opening position for the rock n' roll concert they've only before seen on VHS tapes their imaginary older brothers made thirty years ago.  

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