Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bobb Trimble
"Take Me Home Vienna" B/W "Selling Me Short
While Stringing Me 'long"

The more digging I do on the enigma who is Bobb Trimble, the weirder he seems to get. My initial experience, or first impression I should say, of Bobb Trimble was confusing, memorable and freakishly enjoyable. The man sings like an angel, his guitar playing is dreamlike, and his vocals coax me the way my mother would when i was feeling too down to attend grade school. This reissue of Trimble's 1981 obscure 45 oddly credited to "Bobb and the Kidds!" gives me a strange guilt that I could liken to the first time I admitted to enjoying the earlier songs by the band Heart. The cover of the record screams Bad News Bears, with Trimble peering out from behind a child playing a snare drum on an ironic rock and roll meets baseball themed photo shoot…but he's no Walter Matthau.. and I'm not really sure what role these kids play on this record whatsoever. The songs don't drift far from classic Bobb Timble though; you can expect his effeminate glam vocals atop an array of sparkly, low impact guitars and drowned out drums. The end of "Selling Me Short…" gets a little aggressive, but it's a cozy and convincing direction that somehow makes enough sense to work. If I were you I'd pick up this limited reissue and I'd keep my kids away from Bobb. He seems like a really great guy, but isn't that how all those horror stories start? 

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