Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grass Widow
Internal Logic
HLR [2012]

This record opened up with what almost immediately convinced me was a sample off of 60's moog and analog electronic pioneer Andrew Rudin's great avant garde work, Tragoedia (or at least something ripped from a Nonesuch composition from that time). It reminded me of a time around eight years ago when my good friend Matt came over to my house after a hard day of work and I was blasting Tragoedia. He passed out on my couch for about twenty minutes while the quirky record blared and awoke to report violent "space nightmares". Thinking back to that time, and given that scenario, I almost now wish that the record I was playing then was Internal Logic by San Francisco three piece female dream poppers, Grass Widow. He would have appreciated this. After the brief aforementioned experimental sample, the record gets dark and mild and then quickly slides into soothing non-stop back to back ear candied splendor. It's the kind of stuff you hoped your friend's hotter older sister's band played back in the mid 80's… the girls who dressed like Death from the Sandman comics or the darker side of the wild hair studded belt-wearing Go-Go's fan base. They're a modern day Chin Chin or a wish granted to finally have some of my 30 year old Swedish girl punk 45s actually translated into English. Not to mention, my friend Matt is still single, and still dreaming.  

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