Wednesday, April 18, 2012



Little Black Cloud [2012]

There's nothing like a flashback to a moment I missed in a personally favorable and memorable time in music. Dunebuggy and I somehow coexisted pretty closely (NYC) when I was growing up in central New Jersey, yet I never had the opportunity to see them or even hear them until now. As a fan of grunge music as well as the late 80's and early 90's brand of indie and all the sub-genres found within, I often sat out the mosh pits and gravitated to the feel-good end of the music of the era and apparently just missed these guys. Dunebuggy's sound is something I'd describe as somewhere between the melodic punk Boston scene of the mid 80's and a proto-emo pop scene that bands like Jimmy Eat World could've taken early notes on. This posthumous LP is a collection of their songs, some that have never been heard until now. The styles found within range from the clean production of opening track "Humdinger" to rougher but equally listenable tracks like "Domino Fawn" and "Bucket". One of the best surprises on the record is the guest vocals by Dahlia Seed's Tracey Wilson (one of the more influential indie female vocalists from the area at the time, think Sarah Shannon of Velocity Girl meets Arabella Harrison of Jejune) on stand out tracks like "Chump Change" and "Preserves". The album is solid in it's entirety and if you like anything I've spoken of in this review, you'll find something on this record worth hearing. The album is limited to 100 copies (white vinyl) so get your paws on one quickly or at least give the streaming tracks a shot HERE.

-Jeff Ogiba

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