Saturday, December 5, 2009

Screaming Response

Screaming Response 7" EP
2009 Chunksaah Records/Pirates Press Records

"Detournement" is a French term describing the action of an artist borrowing techniques and ideas from other artists and the popular culture and media, and creating a new and sometimes modernized version from the borrowed elements. Screaming Response clearly has its roots, but the work is fresh, and the composition complex.

The first track sounds like some of the better hardcore I remember going out to see in the mid-late nineties. Into the next track I start hearing all kinds of favorable influences in the band's sound. From melodic vocals reminiscent of a really good singing day for Duane Peters of U.S.Bombs, to early DC hardcore roots (Minor Threat, Void, Dag Nasty, etc), each song brought a new, positive memory out from my mind and re-presented it to me in a modern day fashion.

The list of influential greatness heard in every instrument on this record ranged from No Control era Bad Religion to the sounds of late 70's - early 80's British Reggae. This all sounds like a lot to fit onto eight tracks (which all hang around two minutes in length), but again, Detournement serve it up strong. A really original approach and presentation, and strong words about the state of the world and all those affected. The production and recording of this record is very good and perfectly fitting for their style and the feel.

Another interesting note is that the layout is nothing short of solid in design. From the simplicity and bold effectiveness of the intelligently presented liner notes to the textured and colored sandpaper covers, the record looks great inside and out. The sandpaper cover idea reminds me of a story relating to the album Return of Durutti Column by Factory records legends The Durutti Column [FACT 14]. The story with this sandpaper covered LP was that Tony Wilson at Factory Records tried to recruit as many hands to help glue sandpaper covers to the album. The guys in Joy Division needed some cash, so they took the job. Ian Curtis apparently needed the money the most (for cigarettes) and ended up gluing most of the covers while the rest of the band watched a porn and got wasted. Not sure what the idea or the story of the production behind or the origin of the Detournement 7" cover was, but it was a radical move nonetheless.

In short, it's a badass thrashy melodic hardcore punk record that you probably need.

Featuring members of Worthless United, Lifetime, Bigwig, Ensign, and Plan A Project.

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Unknown said...

that durutti column album is awesome. i used to listen to "jazz" on repeat in new orleans