Monday, December 14, 2009

Human Switchboard Operator

This is a very exciting record with a really interesting story. I dug this hand-xeroxed cover and record out of a heap of vinyl in a dingy central New Jersey basement, and was surprised to see that somehow it had survived almost thirty years against the elements.

This is a live recording of the band [1981, limited to 1,000 copies] that sounds good enough as a live recording to pass off as a studio release of moderate to good sound quality. Imagine garage rock with keys and vocal attitude reminiscent of Johnny Thunders or Richard Hell. It's really catchy and fun, and almost shocking that the band never caught on the way that other early eighties groups attempting the same vibe did... that is, until you read about the controversial and ironic story behind the band's front man, singer and guitarist Bob Pfeifer.

Find out more HERE and be sure to read the comments below the article.

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jody said...

Wow thanks for the follow up . I looked at their site and sounds like things went from bad to worse with Bob Pfeifer and his life/crimes etc. Sad indeed.