Friday, December 4, 2009

Polskie Nagrania

Found this one by Polish prog/rock/glam group "General". They were apparently a big deal.

"In the summer of 1972, for the very first time before television cameras in Budapest, appeared 3 girls and 5 boys; ever since they have remained the focus of attention within the spell-bound studios of the world".

"W Lecie 1972 roku przed kamerami telewizyjnymi w Budapeszcie stanely po raz pierwszy trzy dziewczeta i pieciu chlopcow i na dobra sprawe do dzisiejszego dnia nie wyszli z zaczaro wanego swiate stuidiow."

The record is pretty average. Sounds like a Zeppelin attempt with some Rush progression bites and and anything else they could lift from budget 1970's rock that your nerdy older brother probably liked.

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