Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wavves - Wavvves

I am torn between really liking this record and really hating it. Here are my reasons:


1) Nostalgic 80's skateboarding imagery on front cover and very cool and very skilled pen and ink graphic on back cover.
2) The fact that a San Diego kid in his early 20's is pumping this out is quite impressive.
3) The song structures are very simple and catchy.
4) The entire package he calls "Wavves" is drenched in talent.


1) The insert and label artwork is a super trendy/hip "look I can't draw but that's the point" played out, sick of it, style.
2) I love low-fi bedroom recordings as much as the next music creep, but some things get too low-fi, too abrasive. I wish I could hear these songs a little more polished up (with a hint of that hip "anti-popular, sounds like I dug this forty year old record out of the trash and attempted to play it despite the scratches and filth that have accumulated on it over the past four decades" thing).
3) I wish there was more of the distorted intro sequencer work and more clarity to the record overall.

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