Monday, October 12, 2009

The Faint - So Sexual [Live 08.08.08]

The Faint were one of the most important bands in the late nineties emo explosion/hip indietronic transition that is still going strong to this day. November 1999 marked the arrival of their third studio effort, Blank Wave Arcade -an album that would shock and rock a lot of people, musicians and fans alike. Partially because it was a very different Faint record than it's mid-west emo/indie predecessor, and partially because no one was really experimenting in this fashion surrounding the time of its release. Countless numbers of aspiring indie and electronic bands today are influenced by this milestone in underground alternative music since it was one of the first times these specific genres converged.

This song, "So Sexual" depicts the struggles of aging female dancers. To me it will always mark the start of the current behaviors of all the hip girls found in all of our hip cities.

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