Monday, October 12, 2009

Philly, Allentown, and NJ

Here are a few really great records that I picked up on some recent local visits to Pennsylvania and back home.

Richard Bone "Digital Days" b/w "Alien Girl" Rumble Records RUM-01

This is some really amazing 1981 minimal synth. It's the first release on Brooklyn NY's Rumble Records. It's incredibly listenable and ranks with the quality of the better minimal synth bands of the early 80's - not the endless list of bad bands from the early eighties that only had a keyboard or two and very few ideas.

Heroes of Cranberry Farm "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" b/w "???" Lancelot #201

Here is a pretty interesting score. It's a white label advance copy (and labeled as such) of a pop psych band doing the familiar burner that The Shirelle's popularized in 1960. This fantastic version was actually written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin and covered by a ton of bands over the years (The Prophets, Bryan Ferry, and The French Kicks, to name a few). The B side is pretty good as well but track title was not listed.

Terry Hughes "Time To Turn" b/w "So Glad" 1982 Rubber Ball Records

My Aunt found this one for me. It came with a note from the bass player asking her out on a date. I guess it didn't work out because he's not my uncle. The record is really incredible and reminds me of So Alone era Johnny Thunders. I can't seem to find any other information on this record.

Willie Loco Alexander "Gin" b/w "Close Enough" 1980 Varulven Records

Willie "Loco" Alexander was most notable for playing in The Velvet Underground during the Doug Yule era. Alexander picked up on keyboards where Sterling Morrison left off on guitar in 1970. The record is a cross between glam and minimal synth with Alexander being credited for "vocals" only. Very amazing record, especially the A Side "Gin".

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