Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Plastic Cross
Grayscale Rainbows
Don Giovanni Records [2012]

When you form a hardcore supergroup from the ashes of legendary tri-state acts, there are a few things you can almost always expect: a tight performance, brilliant songwriting, and a moderately receptive audience. One thing you can't necessarily count on is that the collaborative effort will succeed in compromising on solid and effective subject matter. I can report with confidence that Plastic Cross is an exception to that rule. The Degenerics vocalist CraigFuYong leads one of the many incarnations of The Measure [sa]'s lineup and takes the modern-day hardcore music scene by storm. But there's more. On their debut LP, Grayscale Rainbows, Plastic Cross blends influenced themes and sounds that trace as far back as classic 80's east coast hardcore, borrows the fury, energy, and angst of 90's regional hardcore, and simultaneously presents it's listeners with a new, current and relevant approach. The main theme of Grayscale Rainbows remains similar to ideas that a good number of the more outspoken groups of the 90's and early 2000's brought us. A world of sheep, blinded by the governing rich, perpetually infected by its own undoing. The songs are hard with occasional crowd-pleasing melodic moments, yet dominated by a reining frustration. Although the layout of the record literally illustrated the concept behind the donning of a plastic cross, my personal take on the record after absorbing several listens was and still is the idea of a moral distance from those in society with superficial commitments. One thing that comes inarguably clear after an encounter with this album is that Plastic Cross, the band, is supremely committed.  

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