Monday, August 27, 2012

Dry Feet
Highway To Heck EP
Secret Cookies Records [2012]

Here's a few dudes from the city of brotherly love who more or less admit that their surf rock influences don't come from actually surfing. I love it. That attitude also seems to be a growing trend in the never-ending musical explosion we currently, ironically refer to as independent rock music…this sub-genre touching on indie punk surf rock (if you will). I mean hey, I think Dennis was the only Beach Boy who actually surfed right? The aptly named group, Dry Feet, bust out five crushing tracks - some so surfy you'll suffer mental embarrassment by imagining yourself paddling in and almost waving to a barefoot Dick Dale, who smiles and makes proud eye contact with you while strumming frantically on the incoming shore. Other songs will remind you of lo-fi garage groups such as The Mummies while even others will shockingly bring about visions of piano slamming lo-fi power pop shreds a la The Boys. Highway To Heck could be an Estrus record…if you dig that kinda thing (think Phantom Surfers, less serious, more balls) or Man or Astro-Man? but instead of a Horror/Sci-Fi theme these kids are eating Doritos and spilling Big Gulps during practice. Dry Feet hit multiple facets of entertainment for me and for a 45 RPM record, it sure packs a lot of action.  

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