Monday, May 28, 2012

Georgia Anne Muldrow
Fatbeats [2012]

This lackluster Madlib production had all the key ingredients of a successful soul revival LP but just didn't make the cut. The flattering album cover image gracefully depicts Muldrow as a cosmic dandelion- wielding soul goddess, but once the needle drops you might not be so convinced. Not only do most of the tracks seem to ignore a necessary low end, but they become meandering, anticlimactic, and unmemorable. The beats and samples contained within the album sound like stock loops that any entry-level, digital recording equipment might come loaded with. The album has its moments, Muldrow can carry a wonderful tune, and there are a few focused gems on here, but by the time they hit you, some new unfavorable sound swoops in and destroys the brief, magical moments. Seeds may have been rushed or just poorly executed since evidence of great concepts can be found buried within the distractions, but this record just comes off as passive and halfhearted.  

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