Sunday, September 20, 2009

To Boston and Back

The drive up to Boston was a pain thanks to CT rush hour traffic that came to a crawl for about twenty miles at one point. We passed way too many fast food joints and once the sun went down, we made it into Boston. My cousin Matt and his lady Ashlee were nice enough to put us up, show us around town, and even recommend some really great record shops that weren't on our list to visit.

Needless to say (as depicted above), the stores were a hit. One of the most noticeable trends among the stores was the availability of mid period punk, indie, and post punk records as well as an expected surplus of local labels (Throbbing Lobster, Taang!, Modern Method, etc). We scooped up as much stuff by both bands we knew were great and bands we instinctively knew would be at least decent and we headed back home late Saturday night. I had set myself up to expect to find mostly hardcore and classic punk records in Boston, but left quite impressed. Boston is keeping up on great music just fine with no prospects of slowing down.

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