Friday, September 4, 2009

Hip Hop on the Turnpike

After investigating a large collection of 12" hip hop singles that were for sale, we headed down to Delaware. I have had very few positive experiences concerning purchasing 12" collections for a few reasons. Firstly, they are almost always destroyed because they are DJ'd and partied on harder than most records (except maybe some funk, heavy metal, or certain psych records where the listener(s) were generally pretty hit up when enjoying them).

We heard enough about the titles,condition, and quantities to make the three and a half hour round trip, and it was a success. I did, however, feel like I had entered another world when we got there. Just some huge emptiness in the air...and some local crackheads trying to swindle us out of some money. Regardless, we ended up with a car full of solid mid-period hip hop (and a couple earlier OG cuts), and the rest of the evening was quite "chill".

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