Friday, January 23, 2009

Excuse for the lack of updates

I was on my way to work on Wednesday, flying down New Brunswick, NJ’s Easton Ave, rocking out to Dinosaur Jr’s “The Wagon” and I noticed a cluster of cars and brake lights in front of me. I was surprisingly calm when I realized that my car was not stopping, but rather sliding towards the back of an older Plymouth mini van. I saw a small opening between the van and oncoming traffic so I went for it. Since I was on ice, the turning of the wheel only caused the car to drift to the left. It was not responding the way I had planned. I braced a bit for impact and clipped the left side of the mini van’s back fender. I tore the back off instantly and my car popped up on its side. The door panel and then the wheels rode the side of the van as I continued to try to control the car as best I could.

I had my friend’s Fender Deville guitar amplifier in the back seat. I heard it hit the ceiling and wondered if it was going to make its way to the back of my head. As I craned my neck sideways to try to see what was going on over the dashboard, I realized that I was up on my side and headed into oncoming traffic. I was still calm, almost self-congratulatory, in that I was proud of myself for handling the incident the way I had thus far. Then, from a sideways view, I saw a car speeding right for a head on collision. At that moment about twenty things went through my head and I actually said out loud: “Man, this is such a lame way to go”. My thoughts also sped about how disappointed I was that I managed to safely guide my car this far without killing myself or anyone else and now it’s not even up to me. The steering wheel does nothing when your wheels are in the air. I also laughed for a moment, thinking of the irony of dying to a Dinosaur Jr. song. Then I thought for the next split second or so: “please don’t flip, please don’t flip” and somehow the oncoming cars all avoided me. I slammed back down onto all four wheels and spun out into the oncoming lane of traffic. The cars that caused the accident all took off except for the guy I hit. “Dude, I saw the bottom of your car go by”. He said.

I had to turn the “The Wagon” down to hear the rest.

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