Monday, November 10, 2008

Ian MacKaye spoke in Metuchen NJ

Ian is like a rock hero to me. Although I was never a huge fan of Minor Threat or hardcore music, I've loved almost everything this guy has been a part of (Teen Idles, Embrace, Egghunt, Pailhead, Fugazi, The Evens, and anything else he added his flavor to) and I've also love the things he's had to say over the years. On Saturday we hopped the train to Metuchen (which was all of 10 minutes and $1.75) and we filed into some church auditorium. Ian basically let the crowd run the show by allowing everyone to ask him questions. People talked about straightedge, his philosophies on how a band is run, politics, the state of music involving Youtube and ipods, etc etc. His words were all very positive and insightful.
I've met Ian about eight or nine times. Several times at Fugazi shows down in Fort Reno DC, and several times at Inner Ear studio in Alexandria, VA. Before Saturday I had seen him as recently as September 12th Grey Matter reunion show at the Black Cat in DC. Every single time I have seen, run into, or talked to Ian, he has been a real person to me. I never felt anything but honesty and integrity when encountering him. I hope one day to feel the success of living into my 40's as a real punk, rocking my black zip up hoodie and jeans.

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