Friday, November 7, 2008

Past Videos of the Week

23 Skidoo

Kundalini [1982]

Early Industrial/Funk/Tribal freakout. Think Cabaret Voltaire meets A Certain Ratio.

Einsturzende Neubaten

Autobahn [1980]

This has got to be the most industrial thing I've ever seen... Also, Gustav's favorite band.

Simple Minds

30 Frames a Second (Live 1997)

Total hypnotic rocker from Simple Minds' much underrated 1980 album Empires And Dance.

Cabaret Voltaire

No Escape (1979)

The Cabs' creeptastic reimagining of the Seeds' classic.


Tanzmusik (1973)

Kraftwerk back in their cosmic days. Note the handmade electronic drums.


Spoon Live (1972)

Straight Kraut Freakin' - Now With Jugglers!

Brian Eno and Nitin Sawhney


Come freak out with the Godfather.

A Certain Ratio

Shack Up

Funky post-punk on Factory Records. If Ian Curtis knew how to dance.

Xhol Caravan

All Green

Little-known Krautrock originators. If you watch this you'll probably break through.

Black Dice

Smiling Off

Intense neo-psych video from rhythmic noise wunderkinds Black Dice. Hit the bong.

Roxy Music

Virginia Plain

Come for the star shaped sunglasses, stay for Eno's knob twiddling goodness.

Popol Vu
Improvisation 1971

Moog Modular + Bongos = the perfect recipe to reach the cosmic infinity.

The Cure
Live on Chorus TV 1979

Includes a rare early version of "A Forest," when it was still known as "At Night," which had completely different lyrics.

Making Plans for Nigel

Quintessential XTC single. You gotta love that break at 3:36: Steee-eee-ooooo! Steee-eee-ooooo!

Throbbing Gristle

Real Industrial, yo.

Nude (live 04-02-98)

Original live version from a decade ago, before they butchered it for their latest album In Rainbows. One of the best Radiohead songs ever! Total psych style.

Pink Floyd
Corrosion In The Pink Room

Rare, unreleased Floyd cut from their prime period. Nick Mason plays the inside of a piano, wigged out binson echorec style on the voices... crazy man!

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