Monday, September 12, 2011

I drove down to Kensington with my friend Matt to respond to a call about a record collection. We found parking and eventually found the woman's house. It only took a few seconds to realize what type of situation we were about to get ourselves into, but we pushed forward. The house was packed to the ceiling with garbage - some in bags, and some just strewn about the place.

We wrestled with an old exercise bike, were annoyed by multiple pesky pets, and inhaled much of the three inch grey dust that covered most of the stuff near the records. When all was said and done, we walked away with 125 decent LPs including the one pictured.

Tomorrow were one of England's first psych bands with a couple singles from as early as 1967. This s/t debut LP was released in 1968 on EMI/Parlophone. It's also interesting that Tomorrow was the first band to record with John Peel for one of his infamous Peel Sessions.

The record sounds exactly how you think it would.

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You're a beautiful man Jeff...