Monday, June 27, 2011

Archers of Loaf - Webster Hall N.Y. 06.26.11

My girlfriend and I made it out to the Archers of Loaf show at Webster Hall last night. We met up with a few friends and watched from the balcony, stage left. The show was definitely a success, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was the biggest turn out they've ever had as a band (less a few late nineties festivals I'm sure I'm forgetting). Regardless, when a band takes pictures of the crowd they are playing in front of it's generally a clear indication of a "big deal" and if you were out at the show last night you'd have a relatively difficult time denying that notion.

The group was surprisingly energetic and noticeably tight. Singer Eric Bachmann belted out and delivered hard , loud vocals while the rest of the band did their part in seeming genuinely entertained and excited to be a part of the show.

The band played a wide variety of songs, and yes they played the three songs you hoped they would... My only confusion about the show is why on Earth did they need to perform a double encore? Either way, kids were pretty excited and it looks like The Archers just jumped on a new wave of popularity for themselves.

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