Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Still Crazy After All These Years



1970 Epic Records

Folky blues rock group featuring mad man Gary Busey in his early days.

The First Edition


1967 Reprise Records

Rockin' popular psychedelic rock featuring a young yet already bearded and wasted Kenny Rogers.

The Hassles

Hour of the Wolf

1969 United Artists

The second album by a group who introduced the world to keyboardist Billy Joel. The Hassles music help explain what was really churning in Mr. Allentown's head while later faking songs like "Uptown Girl".

The Amboy Dukes

Journey To The Center of The Mind

1968 Mainstream Records

Long before Ted "The Nuge" Nugent traded drugs and alcohol for quads and venison, he was a part of this amazing group whose albums' subjects raise questions on the activities of the members involved.

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