Monday, March 1, 2010

The Sirs - She Gets Me High

The Sirs
She Gets Me High 7"
Devildance Records [2010]

This record could have been called "see the forest for the trees", because that idiom essentially spells out my refection on the place we were all in during the time we wrote the songs. Things were confusing for us as friends who had recently lost a great friend and band mate and also watched the vast chain reaction of negative events and further losses that occurred following the initial trauma.

The record isn't especially complex on the surface, but the emotions and situations that drove us to make these songs were very complex. My lyrics were the rawest, most real form of expression that I could bring myself to face. Times were so surreal and intense, that the brevity of my explanations were synonymous to that of a two-word description of an epic dream.

The songs to me, were about escapism and denial. They were also about the long drawn out chaos that came with self-destructive lovers. Some of which were affected by the events of the time, and both sets of whom could only stand one another in dishonest, impure forms. The songs did and do not promote any kind of abuse on chemicals or on others, but rather they attempt to capture the truthful nature of the nightmares that life presented us with at that time.

The record might only be four tracks, but it's one of the only tangible pieces of evidence that remain from the whirlwind we once weathered together.

This 7" will be available on Devildance Records by the end of the month. The album is currently available for download on itunes and CD Baby

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