Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My good friend Sean, AKA DJ Moustachio (Flavorsavor, Academy Records) made this happen last night. Soooo good! Crank this!

Killer blend of oldschool hip hop and electro

01.Life N Def – Money Beats
02.Mc Tee/Mantronix – Fresh Is The Word
03.Lil Jazzy and Cool Supreme – B Boys Style
04.Cat Stevens – Was Dog A Doughnut
05.Fresh 3 Mc’s – Fresh
06.Gifted 4 – The Arrival
07.T La Rock – Breakdown Dub
08.DJ Watkins &Amp; Crew – Jealousy (Rap) Dub Version
09.Dst – Rock The House In Japan (Version)
10.T La Rock – Breaking Bells
11.Mixmaster Gee – Like This
12.Natasha King – Am-Fm
13.Z-3 Mc’s – Triple Threat
14.Fearless Four – F-4000
15.Phase Two – The Roxy
16.Doctor Rocx and Co. – Do The Roxanne pt. 2
17.Rockmaster Scott &Amp; The Dynamic 3 – It’s Life (Think Twice)
18.Davey DMX – One For The Treble Inst.
19.T-Ski Valley – Cut It Up
20.Duce’s Wild – Gimmick Inst.
21.Rhythm Based Lovers – Calls of Love
22.Cd III – Get Tough (Dub)
23.Cat Claw – Out In The Streets
24.Masterdon Committee – Funkbox Party (Live)
25.Art of Noise – Beat Box
26.Jazzy Jay – Son of Beat Street
27.Eddie D – Cold Cash Money (Dub Mix)
28.Ice T – Cold Wind Madness
29.Masterdon Committee – Funkbox 2
30.Herbie Hancock – RockIt (Short Version)
31.Dominatrix – Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
32.Grandmixer DsT – Crazy Cuts
33.Stockingcap – Wave Craze (inst.)
34.Webboes – Under The Wear
35.Sparque – Take Some Time
36.Strafe – Set It Off (Remix)
37.Project Future – Ray-Gun-Omics
38.Hi-Fidelity Three – B Boys Breakdance Inst.
39.Paul Hardcastle – Panic
40.Micronawts – Letzmurphacrossdasurf (Dub)
41.Aleem – Release Yourself (Dub)
42.Gaston – Smurfette
43.Newcleus – Jam On It Inst.
44.Afrika Bambaataa – Perfect Beat Bonus Beats II
45.Afrika Bambaataa – Looking For The Perfect Beat
46.Kym – Give Me The Dance (Dance Mix)
47.C Carlos Ward – A New Way (Dub)
48.Beautiful Swimmers – Horizon
49.Jonzun Crew – Pac Jam Inst.
50.Extra T’s – Flash Boogie Inst.
51.Willesden Dodgers – 122 Bpm
52.Tony Paris – Electric Automan (Dub)
53.Luke Vibert – C.O.R.N.

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