Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Judy's

The Moo Album

1985 Wasted Talent Records

Some of my favorite acts hail from the state of Texas. From the garagey psychedelic sounds Roky Erikson, 13th Floor (and the rest of his related acts), to the weird psych-punk alternative sounds of The Butthole Surfers, to more recent rockers At the Drive-in, Texas might have something in their water and The Moo Album by The Judy's only helps my case.

The year is 1985, so punk has changed shape a few times by now and new wave has affected a lot of music by now as well, so The Judy's must have found themselves somewhere in the middle of all that was changing, because the times are quite evident in their sound.

The record is punk rock but poppy. It's professionally produced, but has a silly edge. Some songs remind me of The Dead Milkmen, other of Devo. Some of the pop melodies they experiment with sound influenced by late seventies/early eighties Nick Lowe , Joe Jackson, or Elvis Costello. From straightforward pop rock tunes like "Magazine Man" to zany songs like "The Moo Song", (which simply includes the word "moo" hilariously sung 98 times), The Judy's rock like a tight band should, but stay loose enough to keep it a good time.

To listen to The Judy's and for more info, go HERE


Jeffo said...

great bands... just not my faves. The TX list could go on and on.

Jeffo said...

ha and I totally forgot you grew up there.