Thursday, April 23, 2009

What if ... Part II

Pink Floyd releases Dark Side of the Moon with Syd.

What if the band could have jumped 5 years back in time to the days of Syd Barrett’s creative genius when writing and recording their infamous album Dark Side of the Moon? Certainly the cleanliness of the album’s production would have been questioned, as would some of the band’s creative decisions altogether. Despite the fact that the band had already produced several releases after Barrett’s departure, you can’t help but to wonder what the record would have sounded like with his hand in the pot. It would have been interesting to hear more about Barrett’s worsening mental state first hand, rather than a third person account from the rest of the band. I also think there would be less tie dyed Floyd shirts and less crappy hippy bumper stickers if only he had kept his head straight…

Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusion III

Imagine if these badasses didn’t let the Jack Daniels-driven fights lead to their imminent destruction? Maybe Axl could have received some sort of help for his blatant narcissistic ways and the rest of the boys could have swallowed their pride and just kept on getting wild. Even though the Use Your Illusion double release was set to be just as it was, what if they threw one more album in there? What if there was no need to fudge their catalog with a cover album and release The Spaghetti Incident? Could the ideas found in their most recent train wreck Chinese Democracy have been worked out and developed by the 1991 cast of GNR characters? Sadly, we can only dream.

The Smiths 5th album

This could have been called Education in Reverse like the original name for Morrissey's 1st solo project Viva Hate before he changed it to express his issues with the recent break up of The Smiths. What if they continued to make music as The Smiths given all the drama surrounding their final days as a band. Would it have disturbed the harmony of the band’s short but sweet catalog or taken them further as a band who found resolution in their conflicts surrounding the final Smiths sessions?

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