Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Nothing…
"Scream 'N' Cry" b/w "Uniformz"
Wide Awake Music [1979],  Sing Sing Records [2012]

By some unknown force or circumstance, these aggressive 1979 NYC punks put out a single that has, in thirty-three short years, become a holy grail of collectible punk 45s.  The Nothing were certainly in it then and clearly all about it, maybe even catching that first, early round of new wave before anyone even realized the style was seducing punk.  They had leopard print, indoor sunglasses, striped shirts, and noncommittal but fashionable attitude-influenced hairdos. Their music was fast, catchy, and in your face with speedy guitars, snotty vocals, and manic drums. Many years later, The Nothing were fortunate to be included on a volume of the legendary Killed By Death compilations which seems to be the most compelling evidence in the case of "Why has this single become so sought after?" It's also evident that the interest in this Trixz Sly fronted band overshadows his 1980 solo effort to the point of historic denial.  So what makes a two song 7" like this one sell for $2,000? The record is great, the single is extremely scarce, and the subject matter and execution is unquestionably punk. The good news? It's been reissued and you won't have to take out a loan to get your hands on a copy. 

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