Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nick Dewiitt


Tear Drops [2012]

Nick Dewitt's new LP, Untitled will take you on a futuristic DIY suburban indie adventure. All nine tracks are instrumental -- Dewitt samples modern electronic sounds and composes quirky melodramatic key arrangements which span audial images of everyday cityscapes while calling upon the company of distant avant garde glitches. From start to finish, Untitled will provide its listener with a fast-paced journey reminiscent of the daily encumbrances of the emotionally pressured quick-pedaling Paperboy in the arcade classic of the same name. If you can conjure up a way to mentally dodge all of the aggressive musical obstacles while staying in motion, you might find yourself checking out this novelty once, twice, or possibly more after reaching that checkered flag.

Limited to 300 copies on red vinyl.

-Jeff Ogiba

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