Monday, December 28, 2009

This is the Way - Stone Pony 12.26.09

Now here's a show that came out of left field for me. I got invited last minute, and I am sure glad I was. Detournement opened the show with a bang, and played even better than their amazing recorded sound suggested they might. See my review for them HERE

Blacklisted played next and although I hadn't heard much about them before the show, the band tore it up as well. Once they were off the stage, I started to notice the faces of three people I've only seen in pictures. Brian, Rob, and Ernie - all of Black Train Jack.

I was a young kid in the early/mid nineties when my cousin showed me a local skate video that included Black Train Jack's "Leapfrog". We followed them closely even though we weren't old enough to make it out to their shows. They sang about good times, being straightedge, girls...basically all the things we were into at the time. They were also a bit more listenable to us as 14 year old kids than a lot of the NY and NJ hardcore that was going on during that time (bands that we would end up getting hooked on only about a year later). Black Train Jack's manic rhythms and ingenious melodies were a breath of fresh air to me, and I never thought I'd have the chance to see them live.

The 20 Anniversary - "Bouncing Souls Home For The Holidays" event made this possible, and I must say that I was thrilled. Again, I was completely blown away by all the bands that played, and the BTJ reunion was a really positive experience that fit the bill perfectly. The show was packed tight, with wall-to-wall positive and friendly vibes. Congrats to the Souls for keeping it real for so long (and what an amazing idea to have a fan-picked set list!), and thanks to Chunksaah and all the fans who made this show happen. It was really something

"Put your hands up... this is a Bouncing Souls show, there's no tough guys here" - Rob, BTJ.

Black Train Jack "Leap Frog" and "No Reward" - Stone Pony 12.26.09

Black Train Jack "Handouts" from You're Not Alone 1994 Roadrunner Records

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