Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pegboy "Superstar" Chicago 1991 Tour.

Notes by owner:

What I am about to tell is a rather strange story. I love garage sales, and the favorite thing I like about them is the weird stuff you find. I was out on one of my weekend garage sale expeditions somewhere in the middle of the rural Pacific Northwest when I came across a hand made "Garage Sale" sign that said "Going out of Punk" sale.

After driving 10 minutes up a gravel road to the top of a mountain (past acres of strewn with discarded busses, motor homes, airplanes etc. to a dilapidated cabin. Siting on a porch was giant bulbous looking fellow who not only looked like he could have been in Poison Idea, but that he had eaten the other members of the band as well.

To make a long story short (and I swear to god this is all true,) this fellow turns out to have been a big mucky muck in the the 80's Hardcore Scene. He mentioned some band that he had been in (can't remember the name though,) said that some famous 70's Punk Rocker (was it Billy Idol?) produced their record. Anyway, after spending the last 10 years on some type of "getting back to nature" kick he told me that he was selling his property and moving to France to live on an Ashram. He told me that he had sold most of his collectable stuff on ebay but had a box of videos that I might be interested in.

Turns out during the 90's this fellow wanted to be "Film Maker," so he went around taping bands. One of the few finished things he made was a promotional video for the Band "Pegboy". He said it was shot during a string of dates they did in 1991 when they opened up for Social Distortion for a nationwide tour. When I asked if the band had liked it, he only laughed a wheezy guffaw, then gave me a sad look and asked me if I would like to buy the box of videos for $1.

Imagine my shock when I watched what appeared to be an MTV production quality video coming out of my T.V. Holy Molly I thought this is an invaluable piece of Punk Rock History that must be seen by everyone.

That is why I have decided to post this video in hopes that all of the Fans of Pegboy can now see a piece of Band History that was not only lost but not even known to existed.

But what of the fat genius that directed this video. I did go back and try to find him, but when I went back to the cabin they were already tearing it down and there was a sign "Coming Soon Fancy Expensive Houses that you could never afford."

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